“For Hatoba, it is important to be environmentally and responsibly, otherwise we slowly destroys the marine ecosystem. We therefore at all times takes distance from the fish industry forms that are not performed in accordance with applicable guidelines for legal fishing.”

The tuna is unfortunately one of the fish species that are threatened, and that is why we have chosen only to act on Hatoba tuna, which is certified by the “Friend of the Sea”. It will say that we are guaranteed that the tuna we serve and are responsible for, is caught in a way that is sustainable and in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

In addition, we follow the food agency recommendations and applies only to farmed salmon. Our farmed salmon originates from Norway and contains far less dioxin than salmon from the Baltic Sea. Dioxin is a toxic substance that is carcinogenic and endocrine disrupters. Dioxin levels in farmed salmon is so low that the Food Agency estimates that it is not harmful to health.